In Cold water swimming

You may or may not of noticed that our website looks a little different. Hopefully you like it?

Sol and I had been recommended to update our software to a snazzier more technical version. Which we did. However, neither of us are website designers so we struggled to navigate around all the new features. This really stressed us out.

We could’ve let these feelings takeover our day and hang heavy with annoyance at our incapability to get our website back together. Instead we headed down to paddock drive. We sat in the car for a while being emotional and irritated. As the sun came out from behind the clouds we seized the moment; did a little jog around the roundabout, went down to the noisy waves at the shore, took off our millions of layers and psyched our selves up to brave the cold.

The initial dose of shock came as a nasty surprise. We channelled our inner Wim Hoff, sat down in the waves and embarked on 10 deep breaths. I quote Wim here, “that’s what nature meant us to do, breathe deep when we are stressed.” And just like that I had refocused my attention onto the breath, gotten rid of my fear of the cold sensations, and made room in my head for me to enjoy the swim and play in the waves.

Sol and I have chatted about the mindfulness that comes with cold water swimming. Unlike drawing for example, there is no room for the brain to wander, you have to be very present. You won’t find your self debating what to cook for dinner or in our case why we can’t work the new website design page. You are given a clean slate, all your worries are wiped off the board. Your problems shrink once you get out of the sea. For me, this feeling carries through the day. Which is why I think of it as mother natures medicine. You need deep motivation and focus. The rewards are great, which is why we keep coming back.

We thankfully got some much needed professional guidance with our website struggles. The swim put my stress into perspective and allowed me to move on with my day. It was a pretty gorgeous dip too. I thank the sea for making me stronger 🙂

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