In Cold water swimming

Cold water swimming… why?

Many people have said that swimming in the sea in winter (with the average temperature of around 13°C at the moment) is slightly crazy. And yes, to a certain degree (pardon the pun) I understand what you mean. If you had brought up the notion of cold water swimming to me in the peak of the summer heatwave I probably would’ve laughed and called you crazy too… However here I am doing just that. Almost every day. Sometimes in the rain. And always without a wetsuit…so far.

I have had the conversation with my Granny about how I got into cold water swimming. Which before then I hadn’t really considered. What I ended up explaining to her was that it just happened. There wasn’t a moment when I decided “right, I’m going to start swimming in bloody cold water with no wetsuit!” It was much more gradual. It sort of crept up on me without really realising. From swimming in the rivers near my home to being on the water almost every day onthe Isle of Wight, I had been in and out of the water since April with the help of the scarily scorching spring/ summer we had.

During August Sol and I went down to the river in Pangbourne for a swim. The temperature difference between there and the sea on the Isle of Wight shocked us both to the point of shivers. But once we had gotten used to how cold the water was we got an amazing rush (to be discussed in a later post…stay tuned.) This feeling spurred us on to continue our swimming as far into the winter as we could. And here we are on the 18th of November writing about my new found love for freezing my tits off in the beautiful sea!

But this is still only November, so the sea has yet to drop about another 6°C to when March averages 8.6°C… so we will sea how far this blog gets.

More updates from our previous swimming adventures will be posted soon 🙂

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